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Seamlessly Communicate

There are many ways to effectively communicate within and about your church, these days, thereโ€™s no arguing that one of those ways should definitely be through social media, however, social media is not enough! Often, your most important message is burried, the more you and others post new content on your status. Therefore, weโ€™re building a platform that can take care of your important information about what you are promoting and you will never again face the dilemma of being unnoticed.

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Gather Feedback

Provide Proactive Live Chat Support, Get Feedback on Live Chat Session, Get notifications via email, monitor Social Channels about your organization, your profile and that of others important to you

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Present Designs Inspiration

The current design is inspired by HTML5 and latest mobile technology. Being user friendly is our top priority.

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Powerful App Design

FaceGod lite is the earliest light version app of the faceGod system. It also behaves the same way as you do in most major browsers when browsing the site.

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